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Student Learning Plan (SLP)

What Is A Student Learning Plan?
A Student Learning Plan (SLP) is a living document that is meant to change with the individual needs of your child. The SLP also helps you and the teacher communicate so we know how we can support what you are doing at home.
Why are they important?
They are the road map of learning for your child.  Student Learning Plans (SLPs) need to be submitted and approved before the end of each month to ensure the State Superintendent of Public Instruction that your child is making progress towards identified goals and objectives similar to students enrolled in a traditional school.  
What Is Included In A Student Learning Plan?

There are five parts of a learning plan: Class Description, Learning Materials, Learning Goals, Learning Activities and Progress Criteria/Methods of Evaluation.

Class Description- The subject being taught Example: Math, reading, science etc.
Learning Materials- What you will be using in your classroom.
Example:  Manipulatives, textbooks, workbooks, etc...

Learning Goals-
What do you want your child to know this month in each content/subject area? Be specific for each area.

Example: Joe will learn to multiply numbers in multiples of 1-10, Sally will understand and apply dictionary skills, Bob will understand the parts of a story

Learning Activities-
What learning activities will you use to work towards these goals? List lesson ideas, games, and field trips, Home Works! classes, books, etc…

Example: Joe will use manipulatives, textbooks, workbooks and other supplies to multiply numbers, Sally will play a learning game using the dictionary, Bob will write down the elements of the story he is reading this month

Progress Criteria/Methods of Evaluation -
How do you know that your child has accomplished each of these goals? What is your evidence of learning? What will your child be able to do or show you as a result of the knowledge you’ve explored?

Example: Joe will illustrate multiplication using models and diagrams, Sally will achieve success in the learning game using the dictionary to confirm word meanings, Bob will select from multiple choice questions the correct answer that describes the story elements